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    Growth history
     DAIDONG ZEGNA (Dongguan) Electronics Co., Ltd. was established on December 29th, 1993. It is a foreign-owned enterprise. After more than 20 years of development, the company has become the largest foreign-funded enterprise in Changping Town.
    1993:  ZDL Company founded
    1994: Production starting of Card Player
    1996: Production starting of in-house MD
    1998: Production starting of in-house REMOCON
    1999: Production starting of MD-CF
    2001: Production starting of Home Audio/CD Walkman
    2002: Production starting of in-house MD for CD Walkman
    2003: Production starting of Car Audio
    2004: NBL Company (China domestic Sale Company) founded ,  Car Audio Production starting
    2004: Production starting of  Digital printer
    2005: Production starting of  in-house MD  & Wooden speaker box for Car Audio
    2006: Production starting of  in-house DAX OP for Car Audio
    2007: Production starting of Headphone/Power Board/Battery Assembly
    2008: Production starting of Digital photo frame
    2009: Production starting of in-house Semi-finished Home Theater and Digital photo frame
    2010: Production starting of Bluetooth speaker/digital photo frame TruBlack
    2011: ODM starting 、TV External Audio starting
    2012: Charger starting  
    2013: ZDC Company (CAMBODIA factory) founded ,Headphone production starting
    2014: Soundbar/ Bluetooth headphone starting
    2015: Desktop power amplifier 、Digital Voice Recorder starting
    2016: ZDIT Company (China domestic Sale Company)  founded ,ROBOT/UAV  production starting
    2017: Stationery starting
    2018:  New type Home Audio/High-end Radio/Remote Controller production starting
    2019: Glass Speaker/JIEDIAN Charger production starting

    Company history