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    As an OEM manufacturer, ZDL has more than 25 years experience in OEM production of electronic consumer electronics products.ZDL has established a long-term OEM technology and business cooperation mechanism with SONY and many domestic manufacturers. ZDL process equipment is complete, equipped with high-end production and testing equipment imported from Japan and other countries, exquisite technology, according to customer requirements, from parts purchase, assembly, product listing in all aspects of cost optimization and quality optimization control, improve customer product market competitiveness. As an OEM company, ZDL attaches great importance to the protection of customers intellectual property rights. It has a rigorous and effective mechanism to prevent leakage of customer information, which can effectively protect customers' patents and important technologies.

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    Production Engineering Technology (PE)                                    ZDL technology department can link up with customer design, from the initial stage of product development to the stage of product mass production, carry out comprehensive technical support such as tool development, test equipment development, product trial production, listing schedule control, etc. For the current advanced technology (NC (Noise cancel), NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, etc.), there are a wealth of test plan formulation, production debugging, exception elimination and so on

    Mechanical Engineer(ME)                                       ZDL biotechnology has rich import and maintenance experience for imported equipment, domestic equipment, fully automated production line and semi-automated production line, which can ensure the normal operation of production equipment in each working day, ensure smooth production and ensure delivery date. And ZDL Biotechnology Department can independently develop automation equipment according to customer needs.
    industrial engineer(IE)                                           IE is designed according to the organization and function of customers' products. It can design high production efficiency, favorable quality, and coordinate and rationalize the production process, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of customers' labor cost and quality cost. IE can make professional job knowledge book (OP) based on the past 20 years' experience, which can ensure that new operators can understand the job content at a glance, and can give full and effective hints for error-prone jobs, so as to ensure product quality

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