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    The main difference between OEM and ODM

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    ODM and OEM, the main difference is that the latter is by the entrusting party puts forward the design scheme of products -- regardless of the overall design is completed by who -- and the entrusted party shall not be provided by third parties using the design of the products; while the former from design to production by producers themselves, in product molding OEM side bought. The production of whether you can produce the same product as the third party, depends on whether the design of OEM buyout. OEM products for brand manufacturers tailor-made, production can only use the brand name, absolutely not crown on the name of the producers themselves then produce. While ODM is to look at the brand enterprises have not bought the copyright. If there is no, the manufacturer has the right to organize the production, as long as the design of the Enterprise Inc can not be identified. Plainly, OEM and ODM different point lies in the core of product exactly who is entitled to intellectual property rights, if it is entitled to the entrusting party intellectual property rights, that is the OEM is commonly known as the "OEM"; and if it is the producer of the overall design, that is the ODM, commonly known as "OEM".
    In the industrial society, OEM and ODM can be described as common. Because of manufacturing costs, transportation convenience, save development time and other considerations, the well-known brands are generally willing to find other manufacturers OEM or ODM. When looking for other companies OEM or ODM, the well-known brand companies have to take a lot of responsibility. After all, the product is the crown of their own brand, if the poor quality of the product, the less the customer to find a complaint, the weight may be on the court. Therefore, the brand enterprise in the commissioning process will certainly be strict quality control. But after the end of the foundry, quality can not guarantee. Therefore, when some businesses tell you that a certain product manufacturer is a big brand OEM or ODM products, must not believe that the quality is equivalent to the brand. The only thing you can believe is that this manufacturer has a certain capacity for production..
    OEM design is provided by the brand, and ODM is the product of the independent design of the manufacturer. The word OEM in computer hardware product it is too common, like OEM, OEM, OEM CD-ROM display what the mouse. Some people even think it is a brand of quality assurance.
    In fact, OEM has a close relationship with the modern industrial society. Some famous brand commodity manufacturers, often because their own factory can not meet the requirements of mass production, or need certain specific parts, so to other manufacturers for help. The manufacturers, who lend a helping hand, are called OEM (Equipment Manufacturer Original, the original equipment manufacturer).. If you extend it to the IT area, then you will show that the manufacturer will be the manufacturer. For example, CPU fans, Intel or AMD company itself does not produce, they will usually look for professional motor manufacturers such as Japan Sanyo Corporation OEM production of fans.
    In addition, sometimes encountered such a situation: to the computer city to buy the products (such as LCD display), the business introduced a Taiwan brand LCD display on the LCD panel is a Japanese maker OEM. In fact, this argument is a rather erroneous concept. First, to protect the quality and reputation of the brand, ODM or OEM company name is confidential. If it A brand notebook computer is B brand production, that people will buy more expensive A brand products? So the LCD display examples, in fact, the Taiwan brand to buy Japanese brand LCD panel accessories to carry out the production. The quality is good or not good, and can not completely believe. How should the recognition of the OEM manufacturers use the well-known manufacturers of accessories? Take LCD monitor as an example, its core technology still control in the hands of several big manufacturers in Japan and South Korea. Consumers can identify from the technical indicators. As contrast to 400:1liquid crystal display only Japan's Hitachi (Hitachi) and Fujitsu (Fujitsu) Company production, and contrast to 350:1 products mainly by South Korea's Samsung Corporation and NEC Corporation of Japan.


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