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    OEM development history

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    OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)it is one of the only way in the trend of socialized production and cooperation, and one of the effective ways of the rationalization of resources. It is the result of socialized mass production.. In Europe, as early as in the 1960s had been established OEM nature of Industry Association, 1998, OEM production and trade has reached 350 billion euros, accounting for more than 14% of the total industrial output value of Europe, OEM production has become an important part of modern industrial production. With the further acceleration of the economic globalization, OEM is likely to choose OEM suppliers in a wider range, especially for the low cost countries and regional transfer..
    In Asia, Japanese companies for the rapid occupation of the market, reducing production costs, the earliest use of international OEM production and trade form. The takeoff of the Asian Four Dragons is closely related to OEM. Among them, Taiwan has become the world's largest PC OEM base, India is also the world's largest computer software exporter through OEM. In the IT industry, from technology to components to the functional modules of the software, who is the Almighty? COMPAQ CEO Fifer said: "when it comes to this issue in the most direct way to make money! "And publicly stated that the burden of the so-called assets (plant, equipment, office building, etc.) will be omitted.. Some people even say: OEM created the entire IT industry! The United States Nike, the annual sales income of up to $20 billion themselves but not a production factory, only focus on research, design and marketing. All products are made of OEM, become the successful model of OEM business in the world.