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    Enterprises need to move to the international market

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    International division of labor needs
    With the development of the world economy, the international division of labor is from domestic production, foreign exports as the characteristic of the trade oriented, quickly to the international production of transnational business as the characteristic of modern investment oriented conversion.
    Interest driven need
    Transnational operation has many advantages, for example, use of foreign resources to compensate for lack of resources in our country; can more use of overseas funds; the introduction of advanced technology, equipment and management; drive the export of domestic equipment and promote the integration of trade and so on.
    Foreign investment needs
    Years of reform and opening up, the introduction of foreign capital and technology, to the development of the national economy played a big role, but foreign statistics show that, the general introduction of foreign investment and outward investment than developed countries to 1:1.4, good for developing countries was 0.13, and the only 1:0.03. Easy to come out difficult to see. Investigate its reason, first, the lack of awareness of access to the international market, two is the lack of talent and capital; three is not the formation of the mechanism.
    Production advantages need
    The use of the country's market advantages, is a lot of companies to enter the international market to take the usual practice. The same category of products, and even the same brand, in different countries, show different values. For example, Boeing is by including 15000 factories in China, including 28 countries for the production of zero, components, and finally in the United States loaded into the machine, manufactured in the United States on behalf of the exports, its worth increase. And the same is the technology of McDonnell Douglas, zero of all production in the United States, component, thus produced the McDonnell Douglas Aircraft is hard to export, the domestic civil aviation also refused to accept it. Of course, there are a lot of factors, mainly in the short term of China's origin of this difficult to change in the short term business psychology, forming a production advantage.
    Way of enterprise to international market
    When the enterprise has already formed the fund, the talented person and the scale economy foundation, should develop overseas, take a suit for own development transnational management road.
    OEM production mode
    To domestic enterprise groups to rely on, to the international market as the basis, to the enterprise's own production base or "OEM" mode of operation of products based in assembly plants in some developed countries provide products labor-intensive zero, parts (components), in the local procurement of key parts, complete supporting assembly, testing, packaging and other processes, the local value-added to obtain legal certificate of origin, local sales and exports to third countries.
    The main advantage of doing so is that having obtained the certificate of origin of the developed countries, the general product price can be increased by 50% and even exponentially; because the factory is located in a foreign country, you can eliminate certain trade and non trade barriers; assembly plant products can enjoy the country and other relevant countries of the reciprocal treatment; due to the labor-intensive parts has been completed in the domestic, abroad with only a few employees, production cost can greatly reduce; in foreign factories can have, at the same time, after-sales service centers, often feedback center and personnel training of the comprehensive effect.
    "Origin advantage" strategy
    The "origin" strategy can not only be reflected in the developed countries, but also in the developing countries.. Due to the adoption of the bulk of the export parts, from transport to tariff can reduce costs; due to set up factories in the developing world, cheap labor, to help local employment and training, will be subject to preferential host; in developing countries to produce products, generally in local sales, from the market nearly, the turnover is quick. Practice has proved that in the developing world establishment of multinational companies, both can realize the marketing management of the enterprise, and for the group to the world to create favorable conditions, the same can get considerable economic benefit and social benefit.