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    TV anti-dumping ruling is a foregone conclusion Chinese overseas OEM production.

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    Although several color TV companies said it will appeal against the U.S. TV anti-dumping case, but China's color TV export strategy is easy to attack the major mistakes is an indisputable fact. The result of the anti-dumping case shows that the color TV enterprises in China already have the ability to become international, but lack the experience of internationalization.. Statistics show that in the next few years, the domestic color TV industry capacity will be more than 35000000 units, looking for the release of capacity to become a top priority. In anti-dumping case outcome is a foregone conclusion of the case, China's color TV export strategy was forced to a major adjustment, mainly to large-scale OEM export and labor intensive cheap, low tech products export model will gradually fade out the stage of history. But the United States and the EU and other markets are the mainstream market after China's entry into WTO and can't be avoided.. Therefore, some of the existing enterprise with forward-looking export strategy will become China's color TV exports of new force.
    Global allocation of manufacturing resources
    It is understood, color TV suffered the anti-dumping investigation, Konka first adjust the production base layout, through the overseas supply base to reduce the dumping the impact of. Put in the United States anti-dumping allegations soon, Konka in Lazi Mexico established production base, the base in full production, specializes in the production of for the supply of products in the American market. And the dumping accelerated the start of Konka overseas production base, Konka in factories in Thailand, Mexico has begun shipping, and in September by the cooperation of the factory production of products will in Europe shipments.
    Hisense announced in technology, quality, brand, equipment investment, and is headquartered in the United States the world's largest electronics contract manufacturing service providers Flextronics company cooperation, in Hungary the construction of an annual output of 100 million units in the TV factory, in order to avoid the 40% of the EU anti-dumping duties, for the UEFA Champions League as high as 30 million color TV market.
    TCL and Thomson joint venture TTE, through the use of color TV Thomson brand of Europe and America market TCL. On the one hand, TCL will never affected by the impact of the United States anti-dumping countries of Vietnam, the Philippines, Poland and Thailand production base to export to the United States, even from TTE Mexican base zero tariff zone exports, thus bypassing the anti-dumping investigation on country of origin of export restrictions.
    The internationalization of the brand is impossible in the manufacture of the mother country.. So, for China's color TV companies, completely dependent on the manufacture of China is unrealistic and impossible.. Chinese color TV enterprises to become the global brand must have the ability to configure and manufacture energy globally. This is more important for China's special market economy.. Anti dumping reflects the serious problem of China's color TV manufacturing layout, go out is necessary for the internationalization of, rather than just responding to anti-dumping expedient.