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    Speaker maintenance

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    Sound box is the important part of the whole sound system, the value of the whole system is about half so that it must be properly treated.
    To avoid placed in direct sun exposure in the place, don't get too close to the thermal radiation equipment, the fiery furnace, heating pipes and so on, also do not placed in damp places.
    Before connecting the sound box to the amplifier, the power supply of the amplifier should be cut off to avoid damaging the speaker.
    And the feeder connection with the amplifier should be safe, when the pull can not fall, positive and negative polarity can not be picked up. The feeder of the connecting loudspeaker should be thick enough, not too long, lest cause loss and make the damping go bad.. The maximum length of 0.5dB (21m lead is 9cm, the maximum length of 1.5mm2 lead is 14m, the maximum length of 2.0mm2 conductor is 0.75mm2.
    It should pay attention to whether the speaker's impedance amplifier for the recommended value
    The use shall not exceed the rated power. Otherwise the acoustic quality will go bad and even damage the speaker.
    The shell should wipe with a soft, dry cotton cloth, not painted furniture wax or benzene, alcohols.
    The speaker's surface with a soft brush can remove dust, can not use the vacuum cleaner suction.
    The speaker to put strong, sturdy on the floor, in order to avoid bass attenuation. Speakers should not be too close to the wall placed.
    I don't put the speakers too close to the turntable, in order to avoid acoustic feedback caused by howling.
    With the high level adjustment, such as, can be adjusted according to the required listening to burst satisfaction.
    Trouble analysis
    Speaker system is audio equipment is an important part of, usually composed of a speaker, a frequency divider, a box body, a sound absorbing material such as. The failure rate of sound box system is low, the fault type is less, and the common fault is the following four categories.
    1 speaker wiring or frequency divider exception. After the sound box wiring is broken, the speaker unit has no incentive voltage, and will cause the silent trouble.. The divider is generally not easy to break, but may lead joint welding, short-circuit capacitance divider.
    2 voice ring broken. Million available table R x 1 gear measuring speaker lead wire welding piece, if the resistance to infinity, use a knife to the voice coil two ends of the wire seal paint scratch, exposing bare copper wire after the test, if still unreasonable, voice coil inside break; if the measurement have been through and "Titicaca" sound, it indicates that the voice coil lead wire of circuit breaker, thread good solder, another with a voice coil around similar wire enameled wire properly can be.
    3 speaker wire break. Because of the frequent vibration of the loudspeaker paper, the braided wire is easily broken and sometimes the wire is broken, but the cotton core wire is still connected. The braided line is difficult to obtain, instead of soft wire can be slightly longer.
    4 sound circle burned. R * 1 with a multimeter measuring deflection of loudspeaker leads, if resistance is close to 0, and no "Titicaca" sound, that voice coil burned. Before changing the voice coil should be to remove debris in a magnetic gap, then carefully new voice coil into the magnetic gap, Fuzheng voice coil, audition with glue fixed voice coil position, until the voice coil placed in the best location, use super glue the voice coil paper and basin fill the gap in half to about, the sealed dustproof cover, the speaker cone to placed a days can be normal use.
    Sometimes when sound
    1 speaker lead bad. The paper often is caused by the bad or bad welding of the sound ring, the paper basin vibration is frequent, the breakpoint sometimes connected, sometimes disconnected, forming irregular when the sound failure.
    2 voice coil lead wire or about to short-circuit.
    3 power amplifier output socket is bad or the speaker input line break.
    1 speakers of bad performance, magnet magnetic decline. The sensitivity of the speakers depends mainly on the magnetic properties of the permanent magnets, the quality of the paper bowl, and the merits of the assembly process.. The ferromagnetic object touch magnetic steel, according to the size of the attraction roughly estimate the strength of the magnet can be, if the magnetism is weak, only the replacement of the speaker.
    The 2 magnetic core loose. When the magnetic core of the speaker is loosened, the magnetic plate is drawn to the side, which makes the sound ring squeezed and hinders the normal sound.. Maintenance can be used to handle gently by cone, if according to the real, it may be the voice coil is pinned barrel, the need to remove and re glued the solid can be restored using.
    3 frequency divider exception. When the frequency divider of the components is bad, the signal of the corresponding frequency is blocked, the speaker appears the volume of small fault. The emphasis should be focused on the short circuit of the frequency dividing capacitor in parallel with the bass speaker, and whether the frequency dividing inductance coil is short circuit in the parallel with the high frequency speaker.
    Abnormal sound
    1 magnetic gap has debris. If there is debris into the magnetic gap, the voice coil vibration will lead to friction and debris, hoarse voice.
    2 Tone Ring rub core. The position of the voice coil is not positive, and the magnetic core is rubbed, causing the distortion of the sound, and the tone ring can be corrected or replaced in the maintenance..
    3 paper basin rupture. Damaged area should be replaced by paper basin, damaged area of small can be slightly thinner paper basin or other toughness better paper repair.
    4 bad box. The casing is sealed in bad or the decoration net cover is not fastened, etc. it will cause the player to break the sound.. In addition, the case of the box body is too thin cause resonance, but also produce sound abnormal.