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    Speaker purchase skills

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    Preliminary understanding
    For a pair of speakers to understand initially available "view, weigh in hand, knocking, recognize steps to identify: a process view, second weigh weight, three knock box, four brand recognition.
    A process is from first as speaker appearance to judge the time and quality: with natural wood Seiko create speakers, of course, the best, many high price level of the world famous supreme speakers, including Italian Chario (Chario), Guarneri homage (Ming Qin) and so on, but the box because of the environmental protection and the difficulty of processing technology of resource scarcity. Long time will not be adoption like everywhere visible "Rejoice" shampoo, the price is certainly not low. So common speakers are to MDF MDF surface deposited with a thin layer of veneer decoration: apply true veneer Seiko exterior speakers, especially if Suanzhi, birdseye, pear, walnut, Phoebe Zhennan, red oak and rare wood, its natural wood grain visually stunning, feel creamy comfort. Especially with symmetrical butterfly pattern true veneer multi-layer coated complex grinding piano lacquer person, most of them are visible in high-end boutique speakers, counterfeit products is very few. PVC (Sapele veneer box) plastic is popular, although the fine workmanship, best cheap goods. And to wood grain paper veneer decoration box although it looks very should pay more attention to the box body behind stick skin seams and horn mounting a dig rolling process is accurate place. Fake and inferior products generally do not pay attention to these details, and thus a little bit to correct judgment.
    Second, weigh weight: good speakers mostly in 18 ~ 25 mm high quality MDF particle board building, high-end flagship speaker is to like red, yellow grapefruit overweight solid wood or laminated composite plywood to build, so the weight is very alarming. Often a net weight of the speakers amounted to fifty or sixty kg. Cheap staple of most of the soft texture of the particleboard, counterfeit and shoddy products by the poor quality of the sheet of paper. Therefore, the weight is light. The audio industry often have "experts see quality, layman weigh weight", the speaker must be better than light box. But be wary of bad business with sand to cement weight in order to deceive consumers at the bottom of the sound.
    Three knocks the box with his knuckles knock box around baffle, box on each side are a pragmatic and slightly crisp sound, feeling plate material thick hard, inside a plurality of reinforcing, box, reasonable structure, strong, has a variety of insulation and anti wave measures effect. This kind of case processing cost is high, difficulty is big, so there are few fake and shoddy products. As a box with his knuckles knocking "puff, puff" empty ring, explained the plate is too thin, the material quality is too low, the structure is not reasonable. But no sound-absorbing material or reinforcement to maintain, resulting in a large number of cases of diffuse and standing wave formation. Buy this speaker, will not get good replay effect.
    Four is to identify a nameplate: really good speakers have a well crafted plated or a chrome - plated marked on the nameplate, nameplate generally have engrave a distinctive trademark, company name, place of origin, the corresponding index. Import box is in English as: in XXX Made or Manufacture and the corresponding trademarks, speaker indicators, etc.. If only Designin...... (XX) or vaguely marked only a name, even in addition to simple and extremely rigorous basic index can not see origin, I can not see the manufacturers, the brand has not registered mark. Most are counterfeit and shoddy too, this kind of three products. The famous speaker attaches great importance to the brand image and corporate reputation, and affixed to the nameplate of the very norms, exquisite, the indicators and corporate name, place of origin were readily available. Some even made of thin metal plate gold plated 24K, above the font and concavity. The product not only has the factory date, has the production serial number, even has the matching number and the cabinet ID card. For this type of sound box, as long as the price is reasonable, generally can rest assured that use.
    Judge the pros and cons of technical indicators
    Mentioned above, the speaker finished behind generally affixed with a technology refers to Tags: nothing more than the contents of the speaker in the frequency range, sensitivity, bearing power and impedance. The sensitivity of the speaker is the most important indicator, to a large extent, the box should be selected what kind of power amplifier, the need to push and so on. Most Kam listen to the sensitivity of household level speakers were between the 86-92dB, for the same power amplifier, under the same volume, such as volume spin to 10 o'clock, the sensitivity is high that a sound bigger, speaker of the power amplifier of the power demand and requirements will be lower. This is what people often say: This is a good push for the speakers. Many commercial OK hall with professional speakers sensitivity is more than 100dB, no wonder many people feel the OK hall to sing Cara OK sound is very pretty, and effortlessly can get a lot of volume. But you don't think the sensitivity, the higher the better, in fact, the sensitivity over 92dB horn are vibrating basin is lighter, thin metal pots, PP basin and the like, can cause damage to the power to control the horn control, resulting in sound quality was too thin, too beautiful, too exaggerated, partial tough and less details and many music charm. Is not suitable for HI-FI to listen to use. And many sound thick and soft and full of music brand name brand speakers are generally less sensitive, such as the British Imperial brand ATC, Italy famous piano, Zhuo Li and other top speakers sensitivity only 82dB. These speakers are often extremely difficult to serve, the need to output current great power amplifier can make it work in the ideal linear area, the price will not be small.