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    Recruit staff

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    Recruitment conditions
    1 age 16~35 years, junior high school education, height 153cm above, eyesight 0.8 or above, the physical health and no disability.
    2 of my ID card, one inch bareheaded photograph two.

    Fringe benefits

    The company pays attention to the introduction of talent, cultivate, employee career development, the treatment is as follows:
    5 the company implemented 1 days a week, 8 hours a day to work. Monthly pay 1650 yuan / month (basic salary 1550 yuan / month + full attendence 100 yuan / month), overtime wages according to the labor law enforcement (usually 13.36 yuan / hour, weekend 17.82 yuan / hours, holidays 26.72 yuan / hour) monthly salary can reach 2800-3500 yuan.
    2 year-end bonuses.
    3 free water and electricity accommodation, dormitory and bathroom and bathroom, the supply of hot water all the seasons. Meals: three dishes a week, a week of five plus fruit, holidays plus meals, from the monthly deduction of food costs 60 yuan.
    4 to provide free plate, bowl, clothing. Shoes, wardrobe, stool etc..
    5. Employees enjoy national statutory paid holiday (the work is full a year can enjoy 5 days have paid leave) and enjoy other holidays stipulated by the state, such as marriage leave, maternity leave, funeral leave, sick leave.
    6 to purchase pension, work-related injuries, hospitalization, outpatient insurance. There are free medical room in the factory..
    7 factory equipped with automatic vending machines, laundry, cinema, TV, table tennis room, basketball court, football field, living area WIFI total coverage;
    8 husband and wife with the company can apply for external lodging allowance of 350 yuan / month.
    9 monthly selection of model employees, the company awarded bonuses, and organize tourism.
    10 the annual sports meeting, the Spring Festival party and the lottery.
    11 company free long distance phone;
    12 production workshop, each equipped with a high stool.

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